Shaw Trust have been working on the JETS referral process to make it more accessible for potential JETS customers and, have started hosting dedicated Webinars twice a day, every day via MS Teams to tell jobseekers of West London more about Shaw Trust’s JETS Programme.

JETS is a new national programme supporting people recently made unemployed who need help to get back into work.

In Barnet BOOST are providing the support on behalf of Shaw Trust. To get on the programme you will need to be referred by your Jobcentre Work Coach or you can apply through BOOST and we will link you to Shaw Trust.

JETS is voluntary and support is free, and the programme can last up to six months. You will have a dedicated Employment Adviser working with you every step of the way and they will link you up with BOOST for your training and local advice needs.

There are three ways you can be referred:

Through your
Job Centre Plus
Work Coach
Partner Referral
Self-Referral for JETS programme:
Find out more:
• Ask your local Job Centre to refer you
• Get in touch directly with us on 020 8359 2442 or email to confirm your eligibility