Most frequent questions and answers

    • There are a number of reasons that your housing benefit may have been suspended or cancelled. We can help you to look into why it is and advise you how to resolve it. This may well be through HB appeals or may be advice to make a claim for Universal Credit.
      If this is causing temporary financial problems we may be able to help you with a Foodbank voucher while your benefits are assessed.
    • No, we are sadly unable to help with money to get furniture. There are grants you can apply to if you meet the criteria and there is also Barnet Furniture Centre, who sell good quality second hand furniture at reduced rates.
    • No. We do not help with applying for general grants. However, if you are having problems paying your rent or have rent arrears we can advise and support with Discretionary Housing Payment applications. If you are having council tax arrears you can apply for Council Tax Discretionary Relief Fund. In an emergency where you have absolutely no money to pay for emergency provisions you can apply to the Crisis Fund by calling 0208 359 4242.
    • No, our team does not support with this.

We would advise you to speak to your landlord first, see if there is anything they can do.
If they can not help you then you can contact the Crisis Fund team on 0208 359 4242 if you have not claimed within the last six months. Please note any application will be means tested against your benefits.

If you are on benefits you could also ask the job centre if they have any funds you could apply for.

You can access benefits to help with rent, if you’ve done this and still having problems you could ask the landlord to reduce your rent. The shelter website has a model letter to help with this. Follow this link – Shelter website