The Kickstart Scheme offers six-month additional jobs for young people aged 16 to 24 years old who are currently claiming Universal Credit and are at risk of long-term unemployment.

Kickstart is a great opportunity. Not only does it give you access to a six month paid job, you will also get valuable experience to build up your CV, extra support to boost your future job prospects and help to start your career.

Funding for Kickstart jobs cover 25 hours per week and pays at least the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage depending on how old you are. You will be paid by your employer and depending on your circumstance, you may continue to receive Universal Credit once you start work.

To apply, simply speak with your work coach, more information on how to apply can be found with this link: Kickstart


Business Development Assistant Kickstart Role

Directors Assistant Kickstart Role

Social Media Manager Kickstart Role

Videographer Editor Kickstart Role

The Barnet Group Kick Starters:

BOOST Digital Marketer

PR & Communications

Outreach Barnet Assistant

Youth Community Assistant

BOOST Youth Employment Worker

Re-Generation Team Assistant


Estate Services Assistant x2

Kickstart Call Operator – National Support Line

Bumble Bee x2

Trainee Negotiator with Bumble Bee

Digital Inclusion Project Assistant with BOOST

Recruitment Assistant with BOOST


Customer Contact Centre

Digital Inclusion Project Assistant


My work coach told me about a new scheme to help those who were trying to find work called Kickstart. I applied for a role with BOOST, and was hired as their new graphic designer. Since then, I’ve developed a handful of skills and confidence that has helped me overcome my fears within the working world.” – Denis

The Kick Starter program has been great for me. It gave me an opportunity to gain experience within a new line of work helping me strengthen my attributes & skills within a totally different field. BOOST has been a great organisation for me as the people who work here allowed me to settle in well and are also great to work with. Another reason as to why I enjoy my role at Boost is the ability to help other people and having the pleasure to make some sort of lasting impact towards their lives…I hope!.” – Sassan

As part of the Kickstart scheme I have been employed by The Barnet Group since May and have been working for the PR & Communications department. The main part of my job, and the reason I was hired, was to design promotional material such as posters, leaflets, logos and graphics that go on to be used in emails, magazines or our social media platforms. Since my educational background is in design, the work I’ve done in this organisation has been enjoyable and helpful for the department. Additionally, during my time here I’ve also been learning a lot about how to work in a corporate environment; the skills and knowledge acquired on this job will be valuable for years to come. The Kickstart scheme has worked well for me, has been a great help to many across the country to find work that suits them and assists them with their career.” – D.F.